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About Trend Lab

Metaverse” - something taken from science fiction movies or computer games? If the answer is yes, you might want to update your marketing …..

The good news - this is exactly why I founded Trend Lab. Providing lectures, specialized reports and consultation to make the most interesting and inspiring trends, affecting the marketing world now, accessible and doable for Israeli brands.

@ How It Works:

I follow the trends, and how the most innovative brands are adopting them and then make personalized adjustments according to your business needs. Together we build a strategy and plan how you can integrate the latest trends into your business.

@ Why me:

With vast experience marketing and customer experience I can take you on a journey into a new world emerging and help you translate your business into this world. Moreover, I practice what I preach – inviting you to listen to my Podcast “Brand It" and follow my social media presence….


@ So, ready to make the move?

Let’s chat, you might be surprised to hear what others in your industry are doing.

Together, we can integrate these trends into your marketing, connect your brand and expose your business to new audiences in new ways.

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Credit: @Abdullaelmaz

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